Winter Whining


It looked like spring was right around the corner. The crocuses were up an inch or so and the robins have been showing up. Then, just like that, it looked like January. I decided to ignore the snow that has been steadily piling up outside the window and hit my work table instead.  I pulled out all things spring -- the greens, pale pinks and sky blues, the birdhouses and wheelbarrows. 

After a few hours it was finally time to face reality and take the dogs for a walk. I had to pull out the Sorel’s, which was a real bummer – not only because I had to slog through five inches of snow, but wearing these boots is like walking with 20 pound ankle weights.  The only ones having fun today were the dogs.  I did manage to find some really lovely silvery poplar bark on a downed tree and saw some animal tracks that I think were either fox or coyote, which would explain the fresh rabbit leg Maizy happily found the other day.

I've added two of my latest birch bark pieces in the shop.