Hello! My name is Cymbre (simbra) Foster founder of Moonstruck Gardens.  I'm inspired by the changing seasons on the 20 acres out my back door and the breathtakingly beautiful vistas here in northern Michigan. My pockets always seem to be filled with acorns, pine cones or birch bark. My wreaths and arrangements are all one of a kind made with locally sourced botanicals as well as foliage, flowers, cones, pods, berries and more from farms and businesses across the U.S. They contain both preserved and dried materials and are designed to last for years when kept inside and out of direct sunlight.


Moonstruck Gardens began in the early 1990s when eucalyptus wreaths were all the rage. I was a sleep-deprived parent of a toddler and baby looking for a way to stay home and make money. I went out and bought a few styrofoam wreath bases, bunches of eucalyptus and reams of ribbons and went to work. I had never made a wreath in my life. They came out surprisingly well so my baby sister said, “I bet the nurses where I work with would buy these.” She took a few up to her floor and they sold almost immediately. Next thing I knew she had a dozen wreaths hanging on the walls of a little used doctor’s dictation room and Moonstruck was up and running. I knew that eventually our little showroom at the hospital would be found out so I took my wares to a local gallery that showcased pottery, paintings and the like. They took my work and soon I was moving on from eucalyptus to dried and preserved botanical and flowers. For more than 10 years the customers at that gallery kept me busy.

When the gallery was sold I took a hiatus but recently I’ve realized how much I enjoy pulling together twigs, leaves and flowers into out-of-the-ordinary pieces that look great just about anywhere — from rustic retreats to stately suburbia. 

Check out our blog for updates and more stories and be sure to stop by the shop where you can find one of a kind creations perfect for your home.