Moonstruck Gardens began in the early 1990s when eucalyptus wreaths were all the rage. I was a sleep-deprived parent of a toddler and baby looking for a way to stay home and make money. I went out and bought a few styrofoam wreath bases, bunches of eucalyptus and reams of ribbons and went to work. I had never made a wreath in my life. They came out surprisingly well so my baby sister said, “I bet the nurses where I work with would buy these.” She took a few up to her floor and they sold almost immediately. Next thing I knew she had a dozen wreaths hanging on the walls of a little used doctor’s dictation room and Moonstruck was up and running. 



We swing with the seasons in this biz — knee deep in pine cones in the fall and up to our elbows in birch bark in the spring — and it’s a blast. Check out our blog where you'll see what’s new on the worktable or happening out our back door.